Policy Documents

Every day we demonstrate our commitment to delivering affordable housing through our stance on ethical conduct and our persistence to do business to internationally recognized standards.

Our sustainability agenda has never been so strong. We work hard to ensure that our policies not only support, but often exceed the regulatory requirements and our commitments are driven by our vision and mission to serve. We also have policies that ensure the voice of our clients and customers are heard.

Anti-bribery Policy

We are committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in all our business activities and have a zero tolerance policy towards bribery.

Complaints Policy

We are committed to delivering the highest quality service possible at all times so we have procedures in place if complaints do arise.

Environmental Policy

We aim to minimize environmental impact through, innovation, training and constantly striving to improve our products and the materials we use.

Sustainable Development Policy

We are committed to delivering quality community developments which address the needs of generations both today and for the years ahead.