Project Description

There are a total of 128 homes in Goth Qadir Bux with a population of 697 people and the average household size is 5.4 persons per home. The majority of the villagers either work as day laborers or as plant workers. A small segment of the village also earns their means of livelihood through fishing, poultry farming and agriculture.

Baseline survey was conducted to collect baseline data which is basic information gathered before a program/project begins. The purpose of baseline study is to provide an information base against which to monitor and assess activity’s progress and effectiveness during implementation and after the activity is completed.

As per the Village Intervention Plan (VIP) following are the particulars to know:

  1. AMC has planned to adopt a government school which will be upgraded with the hiring of new qualified teachers and latest digital computer lab.
  2. A small free basic health unit run by MBBS doctors is also a part of the plan to be pursued in Goth Allana by the company.
  3. Construction of a jetty for the boats of the fishermen along with a boat repair shed.
  4. There is also a plan of providing equal employment opportunities for the posts of Lifeguard.
  5. Solar Street Lights will be provided to the village.
  6. Access to pure drinking water will be made sure for every villager.
  7. Solid waste management system