Project Description

It is a village of around 250 houses with 1150 registered voters and population is more than 2000.  Villagers mainstay is agriculture and livestock, a reasonable size of the population is engaged in physical labor and miscellaneous other jobs. Baseline survey was conducted to collect baseline data which is basic information gathered before a program/project begins. The purpose of baseline study is to provide an information base against which to monitor and assess activity’s progress and effectiveness during implementation and after the activity is completed.

After conducting the baseline study of the area, AMC had launched its village intervention plan (VIP). As per this plan, AMC has done the following interventions:

  1. Complete underground sewerage in Poong Village has been planted.
  2. A free dispensary under the supervision of a MBBS doctor has been provided.
  3. AMC has also completed disposal plant for sewerage through nano-bio system.
  4. A government school has been adopted and managed by the company, in which many developments have been made i.e. renovation of the school and providing computer lab.
  5. AMC has also planned to provide overhead water reservoir system, solar street lights and PCC roads, to the concerned area.

Before executing any intervention, AMC does engage the people of the local community to make a committee which will be a part of that intervention, so that, the community members can avail the ownership of the relative intervention and after the execution, the community members become able enough to manage the whole intervention.