Over 10 years of experience improving lives and communities through high-quality, affordable housing projects.

We are battling Pakistan’s housing deficit, constructing homes and safe communities that residents are proud to live in.

AMC’s growth has always centered on providing high-quality, affordable, community-centric housing. By becoming more agile, we have adapted to the changing government policies that impact scheme requirements and planning permissions. Our portfolio of projects covers all forms of housing and creates mixed-tenure developments that are inspiring, safe and secure.

Our housing projects are more than just a construction process. The long-term development of each community is central to all our construction work. We aim to improve quality of life and create new opportunities for residents.

We work collaboratively – through partnerships with our clients, supply chain and design consultants – to achieve amazing results. Our service offering and residential development expertise, combined with our skills as an established community contractor, ensure we consistently exceed expectations.

Over the past decade, we’ve focused on developing sustainable mixed-tenure housing. Quality of design and careful planning are critical to building a thriving, safe community that residents can enjoy. Our experience and commercial acumen ensure we deliver successful developments.