We don’t just build houses, we build communities

Community Development is the most striking and differentiating factor offered by AMC, as a developer, to its clients.

We partner with our community to empower them to take charge of their lives and employ methods and tactics to gear fruitful gains for the community affecting its over-all well-being.

Establishment of governance structures to represent all members of the community for resolution of daily problems.

Participatory initiatives & programs to maintain and manage the residential areas.

Ground breaking ceremony for mosque construction with community’s financial support

Plantation drive in PSH, completely sponsored by community

Capacity building through awareness sessions and productive engagement

A kid giving a warm smile while participating in a drawing competition- Water Conservation session

A young one participating in another community session arranged to raise awareness regarding maintenance of allied facilities at the project site.

17 years of experience in financial management, business strategy and corporate finance across various sectors. 

Before moving back to Pakistan, Saleem has lived and worked in Singapore and UAE.

Partnership with donors/charities to bring effective programs and social infrastructure at site.