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Financial Information

Given the injection of capital into AMC by international social investors, like , Reall ,Places for People and Insitor we have been able to establish robust systems and procedures along with a very experienced and committed board.

We share current financial information to help our investors analyse the company’s health and make informed decisions. Management reports with updated financial statements are prepared on a monthly basis and board meetings are held on a quarterly basis to discuss progress made by the organisation compared to the financial plan

Our annual financial statements are audited by Bakertilly, and we are up to date with our Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan (SECP) filing commitments through the assistance of our legal Awais law company.

Board of Directors

Ehsan Mani, PCB Chairman

Ehsan is a chartered accountant and has more than 35 years of experience. He is serving as a trustee of a number of charities in UK and Pakistan. Ehsan is also the chairman of Galiyat Development Authority (KP), member of board of governors of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and member of board of directors of Biafo Industries Ltd in Pakistan.

Corné Koppelaar

Corné has over 28 years of extensive exerience in the real estate particularly in the developement and regenration projects under government housing schemes and rental associations. Corne has degree in Business Adminstration from University of Amsertdam.

Christopher Hutchinson

Chris is the Head of Investment and Network at Reall with over 25 years of experience. Chirs has MBA from the University of Sheffield and has BSc in Electricial and Electronic Engineering from University of Bath.