Project Description


The Hub power station was one of the first and largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Pakistan to be financed by the private sector in Southern Asia and one of the largest private power projects in the newly industrialized world.

Today, the Hub Power Company is listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges and its Global Depository Receipts are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. It has over thirteen thousand (13,000) Pakistani and international shareholders.

Ansaar Management Company (AMC) compiled a CSR Strategy report for HUBCO after conducting an initial inspection of their CSR profile and engagements in the relevant area along with visiting of the Plants to analyze the situation. After careful analysis and deliberation, recommendations were made by AMC to upgrade and introduce innovation to the surrounding communities which uplifts their standard of living.


HUBCO, Goth Qadir Bux, Balochistan

There are a total of 128 homes in Goth Qadir Bux with a population of 697 people and the average household size is 5.4 persons per home. The majority of the villagers either work as day laborers or as plant workers. A small segment of the village also earns their means of livelihood through fishing, poultry farming and agriculture.


HUBCO, Goth Allana, Balochistan

There are a total of 314 homes in the goth and a population of 1708. The majority of the villagers are engaged in fishing as a means of earning a livelihood and the remaining engage in day labor, working as a driver, working as employees and shop keepers.


HUBCO, Goth Abbas, Balochistan

There are a total of 236 homes in Goth Abbas. The total population of the village is 1115. The average household size is 4.96 persons per household. The majority of the villagers are plant workers and laborers. A smaller segment of the village population also works as the fishing industry and some have their own private business.


HUBCO, Poong Village, Narowal, Punjab

It is a village of around 250 houses with 1150 registered voters and population is more than 2000. Villagers mainstay is agriculture and livestock, a reasonable size of the population is engaged in physical labor and miscellaneous other jobs. Baseline survey was conducted to collect baseline data which is basic information gathered before a program/project begins.