Financial Information​

Given the injection of capital into AMC by international social investors, like Acumen, Reall and Places for People, we have been able to establish robust systems and procedures along with a very experienced and committed board.

We share current financial information to help our investors analyse the company’s health and make informed decisions. Management reports with updated financial statements are prepared on a monthly basis and board meetings are held on a quarterly basis to discuss progress made by the organisation.

Strategic Partner

Reall, UK

Reall is a UK based international fund that leverage in the best practices in the global south to effect change in the housing ecosystem with an aim to improve the lives of 100 million people across Asia and Africa by 2030. Reall has ranked AMC as one of the best low income housing developers globally.

Place for People (PfP), UK

Places for People is a UK based group and top innovator in real estate development across the region. PfP is committed to long term investments into the low income housing sector of Pakistan through AMC.

Housing Building Finance Company (HBFC), Pakistan

House Building Finance Company Limited (HBFC) is the only housing finance institution in Pakistan, providing financing facilities for construction and purchase of houses through its deep rooted and national footprint of 51 Branches, 7 Area offices, 3 Regional offices and Head Office based in Karachi.