Our Journey

AMC is a social enterprise started in 2008 with the dream of bringing real change to the housing sector in Pakistan by making affordable quality houses

Our Vision

To ensure that every citizen, irrespective of their economic status, has decent choices of where they live and get chances to thrive as a community.

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable low income housing, with a focus on the underserved markets.

AMC Housing

We are improving living standards, develop communities through high-quality, affordable housing projects.

We are working to combat housing issues in Pakistan by constructing homes and build communities in which residents feel proud to live in. Our emphasis is to provide high-quality, affordable, community based housing scheme. By becoming more agile, we have adapted to the changing government policies that impact scheme requirements and planning permissions. Our projects covers all forms of housing by applying urban planning strategies that are inspiring, safe and secure.

Our Partners

More About Us

We work collaboratively – through partnerships with our clients, supply chain and design consultants. Our service offer residential development expertise, combined with our skills as an established community developer and we are consistently exceed expectations.

Over the past decade, we’ve focused on developing sustainable housing. Quality of design, careful planning to promote safe community that residents can enjoy. Our experience and commercial acumen ensure we deliver successful developments.